Progress on the Girls’ Room

I finally got the girls’ room painted (after selling their matching twin beds on Craigslist)! It all turned out really well (which means I got what I wanted for the beds and the paint color is exactly as I envisioned) and I’m excited to get started on the tree mural this weekend.

This may sound crazy, but the mural will be free-hand. That’s right…. but there’s not other way that I can see to do it. My projector couldn’t project 10 feet high (in that small of a space anyway), so I’m taping out the scale of the tree and painting within that border.I’ve been practicing drawing/painting tees and gathering inspiration from various sources on the internets, so maybe it’ll turn out okay.

Wish me luck; I’ll need it!

Next up: painting the play room a new color, touching up the master bedroom (because I’m not sure on what color I’d paint in there), and getting new carpet in all three rooms. Slow and steady…

Here’s a pic of the new color with the red cafe curtain we’ve had for ages…It’s a very soothing color. Much cleaner looking than the manilla vanilla that’s all  through the house. Can’t wait to get the red bunk beds in there. It’s gonna loo good, I think.

Artesian Well (Martha Stewart) paint is finally on walls. Now we can move on to the mural!

Here’s the color the room was before (with a very messy bed!). Quite a difference, yes?

Bedroom color before (with messy bed!)


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