More Pillow Talk

This pillow. This pillow was fun and frustrating and took what seemed like forever. I kept wondering how the person whose work was the inspiration for this (who am I kidding? I stole the idea and might steal some more from this great shop…it’s okay if I don’t sell them, right? and mine is nowhere near the quality of the other ones…) possibly made as many as he or she did. Maybe they have minions. I don’t know. As pillows go, it was labor intensive. Each of the 22 (was suppose to be 24 but I screwed up) hand cut little birds has a hand embroidered wing and eye and is hand appliqued to the pillow.

It’s not for the faint of heart…or at least someone who needs to spend time on other things.

But it *is* cute, and it works with the bird theme. And I got to use up some more of my red felt over-purchase.

Now that I’ve done two pillows with red, I’m thinking I might paint the girls’ bunk bed red. I’ve been leaning towards a robin’s egg blue for the walls and a red bed would really look great against that. Mix in these pillows and the vintage, red accented curtains we already have and I think we have a color scheme to our theme!

(Cue Hannibal from “The A Team”) I love it when a plan comes together.


One comment

  1. Christy

    Since I didn’t do the work, I can say, “It was totally worth it!”. Really cute, my friend!

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