The Boring List

When I worked on the outside, I was a marketing programs manager. That means I created campaigns and managed schedules, budgets, ad agencies, vendors, and my managers (heh, just kidding if any former managers are reading this). My co-workers and I would talk about our “lists” — the things we needed to do to finish a project (on time! on budget!). Sometimes these lists were pretty elaborate and we’d have to break out the spread sheets. Other times, we’d just scribble the items on a white board (rudimentary planning because we were often given something-to- do-and-do-it-now).

So, even though I’m in recovery from the corporate world I still need a plan, a list if you will–however basic.

The things I need to (want to) do in the next year are pretty big projects and each project needs some sort of plan. Otherwise all this stuff will start rattling around in my brain and start unwinding and I’ll ultimately lose focus and become sidetracked with something else. And everyone knows well begun is half-done (thanks, Mary Poppins).

Here, forthwith, is The Boring List:

The Girls’ Bedroom

  • Clear out all the unwearable clothes/declutter
  • Sell the twin beds
  • Move everything out (including kids) and…
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the tree
  • Rip out the carpet
  • Install new floors (TBD)
  • Build bunk beds
  • Move the kids back in
  • Make and install birdhouses
  • Make bean bags
  • Paint wall opposite beds with something interesting or just…
  • Install bookshelves
  • Make ceiling light
  • Consider new window treatment


The next project after this one is the playroom/office/junk collection room. It’s an nightmare and I’ve already divided 85% of the CRAP into keep and trash/donate (and trying to do even more after that). Now we just need to go through the trash/donate and complete that phase. I’m still working on a design for that room. I just can’t figure out the configuration. But, luckily, I have smart friends and I’m going to rely on them to help (you know who you are!).

Preliminary ideas are on Pinterest. So this is more a wish list than a plan…

  • Clear out room and paint (including moving computer armoire to dining area nook and transform that into a craft cabinet)
  • Replace flooring (TBD)
  • Mount bookcases for storing all the toys and stuff (both wall cases and hanging cases?)
  • Create space for doing crafts and school work
  • Add bookshelves around window seat
  • Add cushion to window seat

Living Room/Dining Room

  • Paint the walls in both rooms
  • Rearrange the artwork (shop the house)
  • New slipcover for the couch (will wait for new couch until after kids are a little older)
  • Rearrange furniture
  • MAYBE paint the dining table
  • MAYBE build a half-wall bookcase between the two rooms
  • MAYBE change out chandelier (ugh, I hate that thing)

Master Bedroom

This is so far away, I’m not going to think about it yet, but I know at a bare minimum I want to:

  • Paint walls
  • Replace floors
  • Find a place for all the books
  • Etc. etc. etc.


OMG. I can’t even begin to think about this Inferno. I need space. I need time. I need someone else to come figure it out and throw it all away. I mean, do we REALLY need to hang on to that stuff? Geez. Okay, I’m through…moving along…


I don’t know what we’ll do here. Maybe nothing. This aren’t really “makeover” as much as “gut and redo” projects. Not really interested in that right now…

So, that’s the list of stuff. This will expand and change as we move along, but I’m hoping by getting this down I can reference it in the future. And you can cheer me on. Or feel sorry for me. <wink>


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