The Tree in the Bird Room

My “inspiration” for the girls’ bedroom makeover is a little photo I found while down the Pinterest rabbit hole: a bedroom with a bunk bed in the corner, a stylized tree is painted on the wall behind the bunk, and…get this…BIRDHOUSES mounted to the wall. My girls *love* birds, so I thought this would be an ideal decorating theme (thus the bird mobile and the bird pillow).

So now I gotta figure out how to draw a tree. On a wall. And a ceiling. Without it looking like crap. Without wires.

No pressure. No. None at all.

The first tree I sketched looked nothing like the tree in the photo I’m trying to recreate. And I don’t think it would really work. Not expansive enough and not as loose as the inspiration piece.

The second tree was too much like the first in shape. Less cartoonish, but still not quite right.

I decided to reference Professor You Tube. I watched videos on super-stylized tree murals; realistically rendered murals; really bad murals (learn from others mistakes, I say). The best idea I came up with was to sketch out the bedroom wall and THEN draw a tree in situ with some scale and relation to the beds.

I think I’m getting closer. Just gotta figure out if curly or straight limbs will look best…and move it into the corner so the limbs can wrap around the window a bit.


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