Upcycled Pillow

The husband came home from work the other day and announced he’d ripped a hole in the seat of his pants. Knowing that I’m trying to teach myself how to sew, he asked, “Do you want them?”… meaning for practice. Of COURSE I did! I’m glad that I didn’t laugh about the rip, otherwise he might have just unceremoniously tossed them. Now, I had a project!

I started thinking about what I could do with these old chinos. They are light (faded?) olive. Not really keeping with my current goal of injecting more color into our living spaces. But I figured I could do *something* with the fabric. I tried to come up with a design using the scraps from the Bird Mobile, but that just wasn’t working. Plus, I was having to deal with a big-ass seam from the legs. UGH!

I remembered that one of the projects from the pattern I bought for the bird pillow had a big flower that would probably cover a large majority of the seam. So,  I busted out the pattern, the red felt and the embroidery needle and started cutting.

I back-stitched the center of the flower (a light mossy green) but decided the flower petals (10 of them!) would take too long, so I found some old iron-on webbing and ironed them all on. Happy with the look, I started sewing up the pillow.

Then I turned it right-side out. And there was a petal. Then another. The webbing didn’t hold! I have had it *forever* so I’m sure it’s old. That, or chinos and felt are like oil and water.

So, now I have to make a trip to the sewing supply store and see if I can find something that’ll hold.

And iron them all on again.

And hope they stick.

Lesson learned.


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