Birds on Branches: The Finished Product

TADA! Here is the birds on branches mobile–hung in the girls’ room last night. It’s overcast today, so the light is crappy (thanks the gods for good cameras and Photoshop), but I wanted to post this before I start on anything else for the room. Because I’d start on something else and put off posting this. And I’m good at rationalizing shit.

Some of the birds are kinda wonky, but that’s okay because real birds don’t adhere to OCD rules and regulations. They really don’t. Honestly. They are random and stuff. And natural.

So, to recap this big ol’ learning experience (read here too): first sewing project, many arguments with sewing machine, mistakes, branches from nature trail,  and voila! Birds on branches!

A flock of frocked birds.

(Yes, that’s trout line…not regular fishing line. We’re special like that.)

I’d like to thank the wizards at Spool for inspiring this and, of course, Pinterest for allowing me to find it.

And see those vanilla walls? Part of the room makeover will be to vanquish the vanilla walls to Valhalla (hey, I needed some alliteration)! Mwuahahahahaha!



  1. I am just now checking in on things here and LOVE your motivation and (seriously cute) attempts at all things creative! You inspire, my friend! I’ll be keeping a close eye on your handiwork.

    • kgb

      Thanks, friend! I hope I can pull off this whole-house makeover business. WHEW. I’m tired just thinking about it. But…It Must Be Done.

  2. this is so lovely, I wish I had the patience to do it too.

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