Birds on Branches Mobile

The first step in a series of many…I’m redoing my girls’ bedroom so they can have a space of their own. When I say “redoing” I really mean “finally decorating” (see my About page).  It’s not a really big project, but the room is small, so it has to be planned and planned well. We also need to use the vertical space in the room. With 10′ ceilings, we’re missing out on some great ways to use the space to its fullest potential.

Right now we have room enough for two twin beds, a chair and table *literally* wedged between the beds under a window, and a rather huge bookcase (plus a closet, of course). I’d show you a picture, but I’m ashamed of that room. It doesn’t reflect my girls’ interests and it doesn’t offer them a place to call their own that they’d WANT to call their own. (Maybe I’ll do a before and after shot when I’m finished and feeling good about the room. Then I won’t feel so bad about how it was.)

When I started poking around on Pinterest, I started looking for things to help with the playroom (anther big “to do” on my list of things to do in the next year…a monumental project), but then I started gravitating towards kids rooms. And, I knew I could get their room figured out and done before the playroom. I need a win! So I decided to start with the bedroom.

It all started with a photo I saw on Design*Sponge: a bunk bed with a tree on the wall behind and….real birdhouses mounted on the wall in the tree! It was so clever. My girls LOVE birds, so I started gathering bird-inspired interiors and crafts. Check out my board on Pinterest to see what I see for this room.

I wanted a quick addition, so I decided to do this really cute mobile. There was a pattern for the birds, but no tutorial about how to attach them or any tips and tricks, so I had to figure it out myself. I ended up hot-gluing the birds to the branches and using trout line to hang them (because I was using more than just one string between branches). NOTE: make sure your branches arc downwards otherwise they’ll want to flip over when you hang them.

Bird parts.

I loved this project. It was my very first ever machine sewing project and I loved picking out the fabrics (in fat quarters) to make the birds. My girls helped me stuff them and kept two to play with. They helped in the search for just the right branches, too. They were pretty excited about the project as well. I think they’ll learn a lot during the process of creating a special space for just them.

Hopefully I can get this hung tomorrow (with 10 ft. ceilings I’m at the mercy of my husband). Pics when it happens.


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