‘Shroom Pincushion (and the dangers of darkness)

While working on this project for the girls’ room (my first machine sewing project, btw), I figured out pretty quickly that I needed a pin cushion. I really didn’t want to buy one at the fabric store because, well, they’re kinda boring. They are still the same pincushion design I remember my mom having when I was a small child. And that’s been (mumble, mumble) years ago.

An early-morning pin cushion tutorial search turned up this gem with the added bonus of a little embroidery thrown in.  I’m not actually very good at embroidery, but I love it and I think can be a fun, funky addition to most anything. And I just tell myself, “It’s supposed to have randomness to it. It’s hand-stitched!” Riiiiight.

A couple of weeks ago, I …um…over purchased… some red felt and was glad to find another purpose for it other than rosettes and future holiday crap. So, I reached in my bag ‘o supplies and pulled out the red felt along with all the other stuff and got started.

It took me a while to complete this. I followed the photos instead of looking below where a blog link points to  THE ACTUAL TUTORIAL (forehead smack). But, the photos were great, so they sufficed.

Thing is, the light was dim when I pulled out the felt. So….I ended up with…..

Hot Pink 'Shroom!

So much for getting rid for the red. But, I think I like this better than I would the red. The red is kinda expected, yes? So here’s to happy accidents.

Cute, eh?


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